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TouchFileButler (touch -r) for macOS

coded by innoLABvation GmbH


Why use TouchFileButler (touch -r)?

Surely you know this situation: all photos and videos are mixed up as you have taken them with different devices or simply because you have edited and processed them. Don't be annoyed anymore! TouchFileButler gives back to your photo and video collection the original timestamps using the original files on your Mac. For the perfect photo and video timeline across platforms, you can let TouchFileButler rename the files in your collection by extending the file name with a timestamp. That has another great effect: your videos will now be sorted into your photo collection and not – as often – shown at the end of the folder in your viewer.

Why Touchfilebutler

Photos and videos – even from a single event like a day spent in London – can have a messy sorting in the media library, viewer or finder, when they were taken with different recording devices (iPhone, Android device, Camera, …); not to mention a cross-platform presentation of the photos and videos. Furthermore, meta data of a media file, such as date ‘Created’ or date ‘Modified’, can be lost by post-processing. Some programs support the preservation of meta data others do not. By editing, cutting, shrinking, resizing or re-encoding, new files are often created.
With TouchFileButler you give back your (edited) media files the date taken from the originals (reference files). By extending the filename with a timestamp as prefix, you are also on the safe side across platforms to present the media files in the correct timeline.
All of the above mentioned functions can be applied not only to media data but to all user files.
Detailed information on the functionalities and support can be found here.


The picture above contains media data from Freepik – Flaticon.

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